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NX CAM –What’s New?

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NX CAM –What’s New?


The latest release of NX for manufacturing (January 2019)  introduces new and enhanced capabilities for a wide range of applications, such as mold and die manufacturing, production machining and multi-axis milling.  Meanwhile, the integrated additive manufacturing functions help you

Exciting Specialization Announcement

PhoenxPLM gains Smart Expert Partner status for Teamcenter – PLM
We are excited to announce our newly crowned status, Smart Expert for Teamcenter – PLM , a validation of expertise with Teamcenter – PLM, that we are proud

You asked for it, Siemens Digital Industry Software Delivered! New for NX – 3D Pdf

NX Technical Data Package [NX30186]
NX Technical Data Package add-on is an easy to use, dedicated solution for generating Technical Data Packages. Fully integrated into the NX PMI and Gateway application environments, NX Technical

Additive Manufacturing Demo Session

  The Topics:
  • The challenges of designing innovative products are to balance power, speed, weight, accuracy, strength, and cost.
  • Additive manufacturing (AM) reduces product development lead times and provides geometric freedom, part consolidation, and design individuality.
  • Additive manufacturing

PhoenxPLM awarded Top Partner Award

PhoenxPLM awarded Top Partner Award
Recognised for outstanding achievement and commitment to providing quality service, consistent growth and potential with Siemens PLM Software’s Technology.

Top Partner Award 2018
Australia & New Zealand
Converge Asia Pacific
Executive Partner Forum

Festive Flash Sale

NX CAD/CAM 3 Axis Milling Foundation

for those without!

NX CAM Only 5 Axis Machining

You have CAM but don’t have 5 axis capability!

NX Mach 1 Design Floating

good starting CAD package!

NX Cool

Is NX Advanced 5 Axis Machining the game changer you have been waiting for?

With the added benefit of our Training Gift Voucher Promotion happening now, it’s a good time to look into it!
Why you need NX Advanced 5 Axis Machining (NX13440)
5Axis is becoming more and more prevalent, lets

Now is a great time to look at NX CAD/CAM 3 Axis Milling Foundation (NX12450)

For the months of October and November PhoenxPLM is gifting thousands of dollars in Training Vouchers when you purchase NX and/or Teamcenter products.
NX CAD/CAM 3 Axis Milling Foundation (NX12450)
DID YOU KNOW? – Industry likes CAD

Take a look at Mach 3 Industrial Design


Mach 3 Industrial Design (NX13300) – The MACH 3 Industrial Design bundle is well suited for those needing the full power of NX to innovate & design complex models easily.


Take a look at Mach 3

Blog 3: The benefits of becoming a digital machine shop




Learn how to make your machine shop thrive despite fast-changing market expectations and customer demands.