I need a part that looks sort of like this…

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  • Jun 06, 2019
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I need a part that looks sort of like this…
Independent studies show that over 80% of a designer’s time in a CAD system is spent editing and creating geometry. The ability to maximize data re-use is of the utmost importance in efforts to design better products faster, but there is one caveat: You have to be able to find that data to reuse it.
Geolus Shape Search quickly finds parts with similar geometry, regardless of how they are classified. With Geolus Shape Search, a clear view of all the data gives you the ability to control and re-use parts which provides savings in design time, cost estimating, procurement, manufacturing, and inventory.
Geolus Shape Search is a true multi-CAD solution, reading the neutral file formats JT, VRML, and STL. Any of these can be read into the same Geolus instance. The originating source can be any tool capable of exporting 3D parts in one of these formats, so Geolus can search a dataset that is a mix of NX, SolidWorks, Creo, etc.
We have written a short 3-page blog-like overview of Geolus Shape Search. Download this Overview now.

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Download the Geolus Shape Search Overview
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