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About PhoenxPLM

PhoenxPLM offers consulting services, implementation services, training and knowledge based support led by a team of highly skilled hands on technical experts.

PhoenxPLM is the connection between traditional manufacturing and digital manufacturing – digitalization and automation.

Gone are the days where each part of the manufacturing process such as design, engineering and testing were set upon individually.

Today businesses require decentralized decision making, communicative systems and information transparency. Our advanced team of specialists are dedicated to making you operate efficiently in todays digital manufacturing world.

PhoenxPLM is more than a product supplier, we deliver consummate solutions in software, knowledge, implementation and consulting; strategically partnering your company with PhoenxPLM will see your business benefit with the intended results in innovation, increased efficiencies and high value business investment.

PhoenxPLM will provide you with a matched solution to your business needs regardless of industry or caper.


Software – Knowledge – Consulting – Implementation – Digitalization

Brands Supplied by PhoenxPLM


PhoenxPLM is a provider of Siemens Digital Industries Software – NX and Teamcenter PLM.  As a leading Siemens Digital Industries provider, we provide unrivaled knowledge and services to support to the NX  and Teamcenter software solutions.

PhoenxPLM is the only Gold Certified Siemens PLM Partner in Australia and New Zealand.


PhoenxPLM is a provider of Mendix – Low Code Application Development, we provide consultancy and delivery of the high productivity app platform that is Mendix.