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Post Processing

Simplifying Post Processing with pre-configured posts

PhoenxPLM configures sub programs to CAM software – post processors for various machines to work as professional translators. Our Post Processors translate the language of the CAM data into the language of the CNC machine.

Readily available Post Processors:

  • Matsuura LF160 Fanuc 30i Controller
  • Okuma LT3000 2MY OSP P300M Controller
  • DMU125P iTNC530 Controller
  • Spinner Siemens 840D Controller
  • Matsuura MX520 Fanuc 30i Controller
  • DMU50 Siemens 840D Controller
  • Doosan_DNM-650 Fanuc Controller 4 Axis
  • 3 Axis Doosan_DNM-650 Fanuc Controller
  • Okuma MU500VA OSP P300M Controller
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Did you know? Post Processors = Minimal disruption = Increased Efficiency = Higher Profitability
Learn the basics of Post Processors in this overview video covering Tool Paths, Customization and Simulation in this video from PhoenxPLM.
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