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Let us help simplify PLM

Product Lifecycle Management
The Single Source of Truth

In industry, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products. PLM integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.

“Environments with siloed systems can lead to inefficient processes… it can become complex to solve these issues when you’re having to manage data that’s in multiple systems that aren’t connected together. It’s time to look at PLM…”

“PLM will become your single source of truth”

Reece Moore – Head of Digital Technologies at PhoenxPLM

Teamcenter allows companies of ANY SIZE, using ANY CAD software to start their PLM journey. Discover how easy and cost effective it is to improve your engineering productivity, product quality, and increase profitability with Teamcenter. Teamcenter is the worlds #1 most trusted and widely used PLM Solution.

PhoenxPLM recently presented
PLM of the Future – Webinars

With guest presenter Herman van der Merwe
from Siemens Digital Industries Software
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Webinar Outline 1: Starting with PLM – For All CAD


Webinar Outline 2: Teamcenter for NX users


Webinar Outline 1: Starting with PLM – For All CAD

This webinar will focus on the ability to quickly and easily implement functional and pre-configured data and process management solutions using industry best practice and capability on one integrated platform – Teamcenter.

We will also discuss the SaaS availability of Teamcenter that allows it to be a full turnkey solution to be deployed and managed on the cloud.

You will see how Teamcenter:

  • Is simple and fast to install, set up and deploy
  • Provides high-value, preconfigured capabilities based on best practices
  • Requires minimal IT expertise to operate and support
  • Allows you to realize benefits quickly for a fast return-on-investment


We will show how Teamcenter provides all the capability to manage all your data and process in a integrated platform including:

  • Document management
  • Multi Cad integration and management
  • Process and Change Management
  • Integrated Bill of Material and Structure management
  • Visualization of information and data
  • Project Management
  • Integration to external systems like ERP

Webinar Outline 2: Teamcenter for NX users

This webinar will demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of using NX integrated with a PLM system such as Teamcenter.

We will discuss and demonstrate management capabilities including:

  • How PLM provides a ‘single source of truth’ for product information, and how this supports the complete design process
  • That implementing a PLM system can save you time and money. Teamcenter’s powerful search capabilities allow you to find information easily and quickly.
  • Reducing development time through sharing data to the whole team.
  • Fast change and approval processes with full audit trails.


We will show the capabilities and benefits of the Teamcenter integration to NX including:

  • On-demand access to Teamcenter parts, assemblies, drawings, documents and data from inside NX
  • Ability to create, configure and edit product structure in NX or Teamcenter
  • Data capture, control and sharing in a highly secure Teamcenter environment
  • Managed Multi-CAD product development
  • Scalable for any size team using NX
  • Expandable PLM scope to meet your growing requirements by taking advantage of Teamcenter’s comprehensive product portfolio
  • On-demand access to Teamcenter from inside NX: navigate, search, view data, check-in/check-out, access documents, participate in workflows
  • Vault, manage and control multiple revisions of component and product designs
  • Support for all advanced Teamcenter security designations and data access controls
  • Ability to create new product revisions or version updates for work in progress
  • Consistent visualization of assemblies and their constructs in NX and Teamcenter
  • Ability to load product structure by applying configuration rules, i.e. revision rules, precise, baseline, variant options, effectivity
  • Selective/partial load of product structure for efficient management of assembly design
  • Where-used/referenced queries on interpart relations in either NX or Teamcenter

Read the PLM for the Future Interview with Reece Moore – PhoenxPLM Head of Digital Technologies

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We are tackling Business Challenges:

  • To remain competitive, companies must transform all phases of their business through digitalization. PLM is key to this transformation.
  • 25 percent of engineering time spent on non-value added data management tasks.
  • Engineers cannot find product data, while product changes and design reviews take too long.
  • Hard to find/share/reuse data — people across the business do not have access to up-to-date product data, and overall business performance suffers.
  • Product development is too costly, products aren’t as profitable as they need to be, and companies can’t keep up with customer demand.
  • Electro-mechanical design complexities

We want to help you Get Started with a PLM solution:

  • Multi-domain, multi-CAD management to easily find, share, and reuse MCAD and ECAD across design domains and with non-CAD users
  • Convenient access to Teamcenter inside the design tool for CAD users; from any smart device with web browser for users across the business
  • Manage and automate business processes like requirements, design reviews, engineering change
  • Connect engineering and manufacturing
  • Start with what you need now and grow
  • Get up and running quickly with pre-configured delivery for fast return-on-investment

We will show you how to Improve cross-domain product development:

  • Manage product requirements and documents
  • Manage multi-domain and multi-CAO design
  • Find, share, and reuse MCAD and ECAD data
  • Manage cross-domain bill of material (BOM)
  • Manage engineering changes
  • Connect engineering and manufacturing I ERP

There are so many Benefits of PLM.

These are a few to consider, we will show you many more:

  • Reduce costs, increase profits w/design reuse
  • Develop more innovative products
  • Get 25% more productivity from design team
  • Reduce costs of inefficient and disconnected processes and managing multiple PDM tools
  • Greater business performance and profitability

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