CAM Automation – IS Important 2

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  • Apr 14, 2018
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CAM Automation – IS Important
The anticipated growth of the CAM market over the next few years will continue to be driven by manufacturers striving to produce higher quality goods that can command higher prices and yield better margins.
7 factors are driving the increasing need for highly sophisticated CAM software.
1.1 Higher Quality and Greater Margins
Manufacturers are striving to produce higher quality goods that can command higher prices and yield better margins. These highly finished goods generally require sophisticated engineering and machining that, in turn, requires sophisticated CAM software for design and manufacturing process control. The scarcity of experienced engineering and machining personnel in most developed economies is driving the need to capture knowledge and automate as much of the machining process as possible using CAM software
1.2 On-shoring of Manufacturing
In the last few years there has been a noticeable “onshoring” of manufacturing. Manufacturers have recognized that further automation overcomes the advantage of low-labor economies
1.3 Application of Six Sigma and Lean
To effectively compete in turning out quality products developed-world manufacturers strive to continue narrowing process variances by applying six-sigma concepts and by automating repetitive tasks to ensure consistency through various means including the use of sophisticated CAD/CAM software.
1.4 Complex Machine Tools
The growing use of multi-task machines will continue to drive demand in CAM functionality to support their ever-growing levels of flexibility and complexity
1.5 Aesthetic Product Design
The trend for more aesthetic designs that involve increasingly complex shapes continues to drive the need for CAD/CAM software that can model the complex shapes and also create sophisticated, efficient NC program
1.6 Physics-Based Cutter Path Strategies
The physics-based strategies are designed to produce highly effective and efficient toolpaths, significantly reducing machining cycle-times, extending tool life, and improving part quality.
1.7 Additive Manufacturing
Is important
The most common way of automation inside NX CAM is the usage of FBM (Feature Based Machining). Because of the tide integration into Design this technology allow the usage of PMI (Product and Manufacturing Information) to control the Manufacturing Process. Important is to understand this is not only working if NX is used to design the part, it can also applied if other CAD Systems are used inside design department.
The most time consuming areas inside the manufacturing department, can be drastically reduced with Automated CAM.
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