Webinar Week! 1 Week – 4 Webinars
An overview of some of NX’s newest and best advancements
Presented by the PhoenxPLM Technical Team

December 7th – 11th
12pm NSW | 12pm VIC | 11am QLD | 9am WA | 2pm NZ
11.30am SA | 12pm TAS | 10.30am NT

Monday 7th Dec – NX Animation Designer

New to the latest release of NX features enhancements to our animation designer application. New to animation designer gives you the ability to animate documentation. You can now animate visual effects on components such as fade and explode. The camera position can fly around a model to bring you design to life. By utilizing this feature you can certainly impress your customers and win more business.

New capabilities include:

  • Animated fade in or out
  • Animated explode along a vector or around an axis
  • Animated camera control that automatically creates transitions between captured key frames
  • Establish the correct sequence of animated effects using the timeline
  • Color overrides to easily identify operations

Presented by: Anthony Galante

Tuesday 8th Dec – NX Structure Designer

NX Structure Designer is an easy-to-use structural frame design application that helps designers model supporting structures that use standard stocks. This application is ideal for industries that need structural steel frames that are based on standard stocks and welded together. This application is easy to use and integrated inside NX.

Key capabilities:

  • Industry’s first rapid frame drawing assistant that creates 2D skeletons with minimal clicks
  • Shape library with over 3500 shapes and sizes in both inch an mm types
  • 3D Member creation that can be based on sketches or part edges
  • Joiners for welded applications such as none, butt, miter, and cope
  • Definable rules to automatically specify member orientation, and joiner types
  • Reuse capability so structural frames can be used in different assemblies

Presented by: Rodney Evans

Wednesday 9th Dec – NX Tokens

NX Value Based Licensing allows a customer to run a number of the NX design add-on applications. Token licensing provides a very flexible and cost-effective method for you to run almost any NX Product Engineering add-on module.

  • Over 50 products in the pool
  • Run what is needed from the large pool of available products
  • Run occasionally-needed products without having to make a separate purchase
  • Access to new products from day 1
  • Access to individual licenses for all of the products in the NX Product Engineering token pool would be costly

Presented by: Anthony Galante

Thursday 10th Dec – NX Advanced Convergent Modeling + NX Draw Shape.

NX Advanced Convergent Modeling provides innovative capabilities to seamlessly work with mesh geometry in an integrate CAD workflow. With these tools is becomes much easier to work with data from 3D scanners, polygon modelers, and simulation software such as data from topology optimization. These tools also make it easier to prepare mesh (STL) geometry for 3D printing. The tools in this add-on include but are not limited to the following:

  • Tessellating and combining data from 3D scanners
  • Preparing mesh (STL) data for 3D printing by quickly creating watertight volumes
  • Mesh operations such as local offsetting, adjusting minimum radius issues, and creating blended or chamfer transitions in sharp mesh areas.
  • Morphing meshes through subdivision like cage interactions
  • Creating and merging face topology
  • Creating 3D image-based textures and graphics

Presented by: Rodney Evans

Friday 11th December – Replay Day!

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