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Traditional Services

Consulting and other services

Our consulting business revolves around our investment of time to scale solutions specifically to your needs.
Through partnership and collaboration with your company and people, we commit ourselves to delivering innovative PLM solutions. We assist our clients to find, implement, and operate the best PLM technologies and practices for their business needs.
Our experienced team leverage their extensive knowledge and industry experience to provide comprehensive, unbiased information to enable you to make the best decisions, and achieve intended results.

PhoenxPLM is available to translate many contemporary native CAD formats to IGES, STEP or JT or to other CAD native formats.

PhoenxPLM offers Data Migration services. Data Migration Services include the planning, project management and completion of data migration projects .

PhoenxPLM offer project – based assistance. Project based assistance can be managed from our office or yours. A contracted application specialist can be assigned to your necessary projects to ensure they run on time and are managed and or worked on by experienced and knowledgeable PhoenxPLM specialists.

PhoenxPLM offer Implementation Services to new and existing clients where experienced application specialists oversee a range of implementation activities.

All Services are quoted based on the individual client’s needs.Contact PhoenxPLM today to discuss your requirements.