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  • Greater Profitability
  • Ease of Collaboration
  • Build to scale
  • Better Productivity

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1. Use the Business Size Recommendation to decide what bundle suits your business
2. Choose your combination of CAD Connectors (Specified number per bundle highlighted)
3. Start enjoying the benefits of Teamcenter
What Bundle Suits? Bundle Details 2020 Promotional Price Oct 1- Dec 31 50% OFF
Perpetual (AUD) Annual Subscription* (AUD) 5-Day Implementation / Training / Modifications Package
*Statement of Work to be provided
Teamcenter Entry Bundle (5 users) Generally suitable for businesses with less than 20 employees Include any 4 MCAD Connectors with 4 Authors and 1 Consumer licenses. Customer can add on additional ECAD, MCAD or TC licenses as needed $15,000 $5,000 $9,000
Teamcenter Standard Bundle (10 users) Generally suitable for companies with between 20-50 Employees Include any 5 MCAD Connectors with 5 Authors and 5 Consumer licenses. Customer can add on additional ECAD, MCAD or TC licenses as needed $23,000 $7,000
Teamcenter Premium Bundle (25 users) Generally suitable for companies with more than 50 employees Include any 20 MCAD Connectors with 20 Authors and 5 Consumer licenses. Customer can add on additional ECAD, MCAD or TC licenses as needed $76,000 $24,000
MultiCAD Connector Selection List
Integration for SolidWorks NX Embedded Client Teamcenter Integration for Inventor
Teamcenter Integration for AutoCAD Solid Edge Embedded Client – Floating Solid Edge Embedded Client – Node Locked
  • Manage your product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products.
  • Integrate people, data, processes and business systems and provide a product information backbone to extended your enterprise.
  • Suitable for companies of ANY SIZE, using ANY CAD software
  • Discover how easy and cost effective it is to improve your engineering productivity, product quality, and increase profitability with Teamcenter.
  • Teamcenter is a world renowned solution for Product Data & Lifecycle Management
“Environments with siloed systems can lead to inefficient processes… it can become complex to solve these issues when you’re having to manage data that’s in multiple systems that aren’t connected together. It’s time to look at PLM…”

“PLM will become your single source of truth”

Reece Moore

– Head of Digital Technologies at PhoenxPLM

We are tackling Business Challenges:

  • To remain competitive, companies must transform all phases of their business through digitalisation. Technology is key to this transformation.
  • 25 percent of engineering time spent on non-value added data management tasks.
  • Engineers cannot find product data, while product changes and design reviews take too long.
  • Hard to find/share/reuse data — people across the business do not have access to up-to-date product data, and overall business performance suffers.
  • Product development is too costly, products aren’t as profitable as they need to be, and companies can’t keep up with customer demand.
  • Electro-mechanical design complexities

We want to help you Get Started with a solution:

  • Multi-domain, multi-CAD management to easily find, share, and reuse MCAD and ECAD across design domains and with non-CAD users
  • Convenient access to Teamcenter inside the design tool for CAD users; from any smart device with web browser for users across the business
  • Manage and automate business processes like requirements, design reviews, engineering change
  • Connect engineering and manufacturing
  • Start with what you need now and grow
  • Get up and running quickly with pre-configured delivery for fast return-on-investment
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*A Statement of Work will be provided to detail the inclusions of implementation. A copy of this is available at time of enquiry.