Run almost any NX Product Engineering add-on module with Token Licenses.

Token Licenses – the flexible and cost effective way to use NX add-ons

What are Token based add-ons?

Tokens are a software add-on purchasing mechanism that will allow you to run almost any NX Product Engineering add-on module when you need it, in a cost effective way.

  • With tokens, customers can check-in/check-out over 50 applications currently in the token pool.

Token licensing is both similar to, and different from, “per-seat” floating licenses:

  • “Similar to” in that both have a pool of products from which the user checks out what is needed, then when the user is done the product is checked back into the pool to be accessed by a different user
  • “Different from” in that for per-seat, floating licenses the product pool is comprised solely of the products that the company has purchased, whereas for token licenses the pool is every product that participates in that token license pool, thus a far greater set of products that can be accessed

NX Token Licensing offers numerous advantages including cost effectiveness and flexibility product use.

NX Token Licensing is Available Now.

The advantages

Token licensing offers numerous advantages:
Large number of products to be accessed

  • Over 50 add-on modules

Extreme flexibility

  • Run what is needed from the large pool of available products
  • Run occasionally-needed products without having to make a separate purchase
  • Access to new products from day 1

Cost effective

  • Access to individual licenses for all of the products in the NX Product Engineering token pool would otherwise be costly

Avaiability and Using NX Token Licensing

Each NX application in the token pool consumes a defined number of tokens when in use

The total number of applications, and which specific applications, that can be checked out on top of the Base Application in limited by the number of tokens you have available.

“Tokens” are available in sets that are referred to as “Value-Packs”

Token licensing is available only in NX 1872 and newer, and does not apply to older versions

Value Based Licencing Model in action

A PhoenxPLM Manager can assess your current software and advise on the suitability and availability of Token Licensing for your business. For a full list of add-ons available in the token pool, their token values and information on how to purchase token packs, contact your PhoenxPLM Manager.