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CAM Extension Products

NX CAM Extension Products / Add-Ons.

Maximise your investment in NX technology with focussed extension components.
Use our list to identify extensions that can provide you with added functionality and benefit your CAM operations.



NX 2.5 Axis Milling Add-on

The 2.5 Axis Milling Add-on provides a complete suite of 2 D milling and holemaking capabilities for NC programming:

• Boundary based methods
• Face Milling
• Profile cutting
• Flexible, solids-based roughing and re-roughing of complex shapes
• Multi-axis positioning to any valid machining coordinate system
• Manual and feature based holemaking
• Generic motion
• On-machine probing cycles



NX 3 Axis Milling Add-on

The 3 Axis Milling Add-on provides a complete suite of 3 D milling capabilities for NC programming:

•Surface Milling, including streamline patterns
•Valley and Corner Milling
•Facet machining
•NURBS output
•Multi-axis positioning to any valid machining coordinate system.
Note: The 3-axis milling add-on does NOT include the 2.5 axis capabilities (cavity mill, etc)



NX 5 Axis Machining Add-on

NX 5 Axis Machining Add-on

5 Axis Milling functionality, including tip cutting strategies, side cutting strategies, and traditional drive/part strategies.



NX Wire EDM Add-on

NX Wire EDM Add-onThe Wire EDM add-on provides full-function capabilities for 4-axis wire programming

Special engages and retracts for wire threading and breaking

No-core options for full material removal



NX Turning Add-on

NX Turning Add-on

Complete turning functionality for single channel programming, including roughing and finishing operations for facing, turning, and boring:

• Turning
• Generic motion
• On-machine probing cycles



NX Turbomachinery Milling Add-on

NX Turbomachinery Milling Add-onThis Mach product add-on provides specific 5 axis roughing and finishing patterns suitable for machining axi-symmetric blades on hubs, typical of turbomachinery applications. Pumps, fans, impellers, compressors, propellers, turbines and aero engines fit into this class of application.



NX NC Simulation Add-on

NX NC Simulation Add-onThe NC Simulation Add-on provides a complete kinematic machine environment for visualizing complex motion:

•Machine builder applies kinematic rules to machine axes
•Collision checking
•Synchronization manager for simulation of multi-channel machines
•G-code driven simulation uses posted code for the most accurate machine motion



NX Feature Based Machining Author Add-on

NX Feature Based Machining Author Add-onThe Feature Based Machining Author Add-on provides author access to the Machining Knowedge Editor. Without this add-on, the ability to perform feature based automation will be limited to pre-built processes that are delivered with the software. Using the Machining Knowledge Editor, authors will be able to modify processes, build new processes, and define new feature modules.



NX CAM Post Configurator Full Add-On

Post Configurator Full will allow the users of NX CAM to execute, create and completely modify new postprocessor using the Post Configurator UI for milling, drilling and turning on single-channel machines as well as multi-function and multi-channel machines, using one of the following controllers: Sinumerik S840D, S828D, Heidenhain iTNC530/TNC640, Fanuc, Okuma and Generic in a non-managed environment. With this add-on it is also possible to make use of the Tcl extensions to modify every aspect of the post processor, such as the available UI options, output buffers, make use of the integrated Tcl editor, encryption and licensing and debugging interface.