Responsible for Tool Design and or Manufacture?
NX for Mold Tool and Die – Promotional Packages have landed.

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Tool design and manufacturing is critical to the development of many products.
Do you need to:

  • Deliver high quality mold tools
  • Lower supplier costs
  • Handle complex jobs
  • Shorten mold tools delivery times

NX Mold Tooling solutions can:

  • Read and modify data from multiple CAD Systems
  • Automate step-by-step processes based on best practices
  • Re-use existing know-how, processes, and standard parts, to shorten the manufacturing cycle by up to 30%
  • Integrate the manufacturing processes by using a CAD/CAM/CAE system based on the same technology
  • Improve global and inter-disciplinary collaboration by using a single platform for data and process management

NX Mold Tooling Solutions help achieve:

  • 20 – 40% faster mold design
  • 20% faster tool paths
  • 4x shorter machining time
  • 75% fewer errors

Mold Tool & Die solutions include:

  • Costing Solutions
  • Mold Design Solutions
  • CAM solutions
  • Additive Manufacturing in tooling
  • Data and process Management
  • Part planning
  • Program and project execution

What Machining and Design Tool package suits you?

Package Number 1 2 3 4 5
What Machine and
Design Tool are you?
Package 1:
Provides 3axis machining capability.
Package 2:
Will give you the ability to quickly design & CNC machine simple injection molds.
Package 3:
Ideal for companies with 5axis machining centres, looking for an offline program.
Package 4:
If you design injection molds, you can speed up and automate the process.
Package 5:
Best for Design and CNC machine injection molds and to analyse your mold design.
Package Name NX CAD/CAM 3-Axis Machining Package NX CAD/CAM Mold Design and Machining Package NX CAD/CAM 5-axis Machining Package NX Mold Design Package NX CAD/CAM Advanced Mold Design and Machining Package
What’s included in the Package? NX CAD/CAM 3 Axis Milling Foundation NX CAD/CAM 3 Axis Milling Foundation
NX Mold Wizzard
NX Electrode Design
NX CAD/CAM 3 Axis Milling Foundation
NX 5 Axis Machining Add-On
NX NC Simulation Add-On
NX Mach 3 Mold Design
NX Electrode Design
NX CAD/CAM 3 Axis Milling Foundation
NX Mold Wizard
NX Electrode Design
NX EasyFill Analysis
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  • Offer valid 1st July 2020 through until 30th September 2020
  • Sales subject to License Compliance obligations are excluded
  • Maintenance and Subscription opportunities are excluded