We will reserve the best seats in the house for your benefit…

PhoenxPLM ‘Reserved’ Managed Services Maintenance Option.

Become a PhoenxPLM Reserved Customer and receive extra benefits as part of your annual maintenance plan and maximise your software investment.

We recognise that the maintenance, support and services requirements of our customers are as unique as the innovative products that they design and manufacture. With this in mind, when it comes to supporting our products, we tailor our approach to individual customers’ needs because we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not provide the added value our customers require.

Introducing ‘PhoenxPLM Reserved’ offering a variety of added value support features over and above what standard maintenance contracts offer.

PhoenxPLM tiered Managed Services Maintenance Options Siemens Standard Reserved
Features Y Y Y
New Software Releases Y Y Y
Software enhancements and patches Y Y Y
Account Manager N Y Y
Help Desk Telephone and Web based Support N Y Y
Best Practice Tips and Tricks N Y Y
Best Practice Webinars On-Demand N Y Y
Best Practice Webinars Live N Y Y
Video Resource Centre Access N Y Y
Invitations to standard PhoenxPLM & Siemens events N Y Y
Invitations to all PhoenxPLM & Siemens events (exclusive seating and first right of refusal to limited spaced events) N N Y
Customised business webinars N N Y
Webinar Training Options N N Y
10% discount on all classroom training courses N N Y
10% discount on onsite training courses and consultancy N N Y
Annual Onsite productivity review day N N Y