Intuitive Concept Design with NX

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Companies today are pressed to deliver innovative, stand out products in a market crowded with new and established players

Industrial Design can be instrumental in establishing the company, brand, and product identify that people relate to, driving new customers to your products, and thus growing business and revenue.

Industrial designers require tools that are easy to use and allow them to explore ideas and forms in an intuitive and flexible manner. The ideal industrial design tool will allow them to refine concepts quickly and to a level of detail that they can simulate, evaluate and visualize with a high degree of confidence for down selecting to the final design. Finally, in today’s world, more than ever they require a tool that enables and fosters collaboration among the team and across departments providing that critical feedback that will allow them to speed overall time to market.

The entire suite of NX tools for industrial design and styling provides innovative, best in class capabilities. Industrial designers can achieve higher quality, greater levels of refinement, and collaboration with NX than was ever possible prior. Designs that used to take days using traditional tools can now be done in a few hours.
We have created a brief step-by-step demo showing how simple and intuitive concept design is with NX.

Watch the demo now

PhoenxPLM is the connection between traditional manufacturing and digital manufacturing ― digitalization and automation. Gone are the days where each part of the manufacturing process such as design, engineering and testing were set upon individually. Today businesses require decentralized decision making, communicative systems and information transparency. Our advanced team of specialists are dedicated to making you operate efficiently in todays digital manufacturing world.

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