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  • Mar 23, 2020
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Assistive Resources
Links and Information
We recognise everyone is working through various changes and challenges to business at the moment.
Below are some resources that might be of assistance.

1. Work from home assistance. How to use your license at home.
Customer Technical Support / Helpdesk is still open and accessible as per normal. We are answering these questions and more.
If you have logged in or sent an email before:
If you are new to helpdesk. Call our 1300 519 144 hotline to be added to the Helpdesk whitelist.
2. Learning Advantage Offer from Siemens Digital Industries
To lessen the impact of COVID-19 we are offering a free 30-day trial subscription to our Perform membership. Send us an email and include your First and Last Name, Company and Country and we will send you a Welcome message with access information.
Learning Advantage is a convenient e-Learning portal that provides cost effective and time efficient methods for users to gain skills and knowledge of Siemens PLM Software solutions. The library is logically organized and contains several product releases so you can preview the next release or review recent enhancements at your convenience. This system provides access to an unparalleled library of self-paced courses and assessments, as well as management tools for companies to measure learning progress and to administer learning programs.
3. PhoenxPLM – Vimeo
PhoenxPLM Resource Centre for Videos. This site hosts various topical videos including Tips and Tricks, Overviews, Showcased Boxed Demos, Product Previews, Informational Clips and Pre-recorded Webinars.
4. We are here for you
PhoenxPLM’s business and operations teams are still available to take your calls
Business Hotline: 1300 519 144
Direct Contacts that may assist:

Julian Kan

0458 408 154


Technical Sales Executive

Leigh Penny

0421 620 494


Marketing Communications Manager

Minal Patel

 07 3323 6959


Operations Officer

Shamus Robertson

0418 764 542


Technical Sales Executive

Stephen Peruch

0448 114 409


Technical Sales Executive

The Team at PhoenxPLM