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3D Printing is the future. Stay ahead of the times with NX.

3D Printing is the future. Stay ahead of the times with NX.

3D Printing is the future. Stay ahead of the times with NX.
WE have a FREE Whitepaper, written by Tech-Clarity, examining 3D printing and how it can revolutionize your business. Over the next five to ten years, nearly 100% of top performing companies will change the way they design and engineer products. These companies are the first to incorporate new technology such as 3D printing into their development processes, which means that if your company wants to compete, it has to adopt these new technologies also.
3D printing offers many advantages for Industrial Machinery developers – like the ability to reduce material use, decrease costs, and shorten the product lifecycle, all of which help your company’s bottom line and drive innovation.
NX design software, from Siemens PLM Software, offers unique capabilities that make it easier for you to take advantage of all of the benefits 3D printing offers…

  • With NX you can design and manufacture breakthrough Industrial Machinery faster
  • The design-to-3D printing workflow is seamlessly integrated to eliminate data conversion between applications
Avoid spending weeks converting faceted or meshed data since Convergent Modeling in NX enables you to work directly with the faceted data. No conversion needed!

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