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PhoenxPLM Empowering Innovation

Enabling future proofed product design and product planning - Digitalization Transformation

We are PhoenxPLM

A leading consultancy partner for digital transformation for manufacturing businesses in Australia and New Zealand. We identify opportunities across all industries participating in the manufacturing sector. Everything we do is focussed around aligning your business goals with outcome driven technology built for digital transformation.


PhoenxPLM is an Arkance Company, global leader in digital transformation of construction and manufacturing.

Arkance ARKANCE has a mission to lead the Manufacturing and Construction industries in digital transformation. By partnering with global technology leaders and developing complementary IP solutions, ARKANCE optimizes its customers projects through all phases of the life cycle. Its 800 strong network of experts across 14 European countries have a deep knowledge of the challenges faced by industry and a passion to develop and deliver solutions responsibly and economically.