Sometimes just keeping it simple is the best way to approach nc machining.
We were trying to cut a small thin blade on a 5 axis cnc machine. The blade was about 25mm high, 10mm wide and only about 1.5mm thick.
Your first thoughts would be to 5axis cut this blade, tilting the tool away from the blade using continuous 5 axis motion.
While the method did work, the shape of the blade side walls caused some extra 5 axis moves which resulted in a poor surface finish and the cut took about 1 hour.
By looking at the geometry, the blade could be cut 3+2 with a fixed axis tilted only about 5 degrees.
Using this approach the surface finish was almost mirror smooth and the time to cut was only 5 mins.
Just because your machine can do continuous 5 axis does not mean that's the only way to program.
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