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Course Code Course Code and Name Course Outline
/ Proposed Learning Pathway
TR10015-46 CAM Transition NX4 to NX6
TR10015-675 CAM Transition NX6 to NX7.5
TR1001678S CAD Transition – NX7.5 to NX8.0
TR1001688S CAD Transition – NX8.0 to NX8.5
TR10035 NX Mechanical Freeform
TR10051 Essentials
TR10056 Intermediate NX Design and Assemblies
TR10065 CAD Transition NX5 to NX6
TR100657E CAD Transition NX5 to NX7.5
TR100657I CAD Transition NX5 to NX7.5
TR11021 NX Manufacturing Fundermentals
TR11050 NX Multi Axis Techniques
TR11060 Industrial Design using NX
TR11065 NX Fixed Axis Techniques
TR11080 NX Fixed and Multi Axis Milling
TR12011 NX7.5 System Administration
TR13150 NX Design for the Experience CAD user
TR13155 Introduction to NX for Experienced users
TR15120 WAVE
TR16030 NX Routing Electrical
TR16035 NX Routing Mechanical
TR25150 Using Teamcenter
TR25460 Application and data model administration
TR25910 Teamcenter Integration for NX Users