Design more complex, lighter, stronger, better performing products

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  • Jun 06, 2019
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Design more complex, lighter, stronger, better performing products
Today’s conventional manufacturing processes (machining, molding, casting, and forging) constrain a part’s shape and strength, increase the amount of material and weight, and limit the product’s performance. Conventional thinking also limits manufacturing performance by requiring costly and long lead-time tooling.
There’s a better way to design and make products. It’s time to adopt additive for real production ― and to design more complex, lighter, stronger, better performing products that couldn’t be realized before and make them with more flexible, agile and cost-effective processes.
Siemens’ Additive Manufacturing end-to-end solution was created to enable you to design and produce useful parts or subassemblies at scale. Our solution supports

  • Design optimization to enable the re-imagination of parts
  • Analysis to ensure robust production
  • Direct connections to printers to reduce overhead
  • Automatic nesting of parts in the build tray to maximize print efficiency
  • Print simulation to anticipate and correct for print errors
  • Ability to track material usage and re-usage to optimize the material mix and reduce waste
The benefits that additive production methods can provide include weight savings, better performance, simplified assemblies, and more material options.

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