Can YOU Benefit from Highly Automated CAM?

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  • Apr 14, 2018
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Can YOU Benefit from Highly Automated CAM?
The Benefits of Automation vary by industry / domain and are highly dependent on the type of parts being produced.
Do you work with …. ? –
a. Parts that have a number of standard features
b. huge volume of parts with small variations
c. Multiple parts mounted at Tombstone and machined
d. Huge volume of Parts machined by multi spindle machine tools
Highly Automated CAM for Industries:
Machinery Industry
Pictures show a typical production scenario. The component of this production machines can characterized as simple shapes with complex manufacturing process. This is mostly because of precision (tolerances), multiple setups etc.
Customers Manufacturing Mold / Die Tooling Structures
Pictures at the top show a close look to a typical mold assembly. Lower picture will show finishing of a mold insert which is a component of the mold assembly.
Electrode Manufacturing
Picture on the Top show an eroding process inside a mold insert. The electrode used inside this eroding process is machined on the lower picture.
Overview: Does your company have any of the above listed pain points?
Would you like to reduce these typical manufacturing pain points?
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